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The Choose Life Maine Story

The founding members of Choose Life Maine, Inc were inspired by CHOOSE LIFE AMERICA.  CHOOSE LIFE AMERICA began in Florida in 1996.   A representative of the organization appeared on the SUNDAY NIGHT LIVE program on the Eternal Word Television Network in the summer of 2010.  From that broadcast a number of Maine viewers contacted the CHOOSE LIFE AMERICA organization and the seed was planted.  In December 2010 a group of individuals committed to the cause met and gave birth to CHOOSE LIFE MAINE.  The organization was incorporated in February 2011.

CHOOSE LIFE MAINE, Inc. is committed to bringing the specialty license plate to the state and to provide financial assistance to not-for-profit life affirming pregnancy support centers resident in Maine

WILL YOU HELP?  Please view other pages of this web site then click on How to Apply to begin.  Together we can make LIFE the CHOICE for Maine.

CHOOSE LIFE MAINE is an Internal Revenue Code 501(c)(3) not for profit organization.  Donations are welcome and appreciated.  God Bless.