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Bill / The Legislation

Before the Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles can make a CHOOSE LIFE MAINE specialty plate available, the following steps take place:

CHOOSE LIFE MAINE, Inc must pre-sell at least 2,000 speciaty plates (paid orders) at $25.00 each.

CHOOSE LIFE MAINE, Inc will then pay the Maine Secretary of State the total of all paid orders (at least $50,000) and provide them with the names, addresses and existing license plate numbers of all those who placed orders.

THE OFFICES OF THE MAINE SECRETARY OF STATE (BUREAU OF MOTOR VECHICLES) will review our submission for completeness and if all is in compliance they will then draft the legislation to be submitted to the Maine State Legislature for their consideration.  If approved it will be forwarded to the Governor for his signature.  Subsequently, the Maine Bureau of Motor Vechilces will send you a voucher for your license plate.

CHOOSE LIFE MAINE, INC will need a legislative sponsor(s).

We will post the bill's content on this web page when it is available and inform you when the legislature considers the bill.

If either the legislature or the governor disapproves of our application your money will be refunded.









Revised 3/20/2011